You are welcomed and much encouraged to submit the title,abstract and your affiliation via email to the meanwhile, the registration system has been enabled now, you are welcomed to registrate for the payment.

Some overseas participants have encountered some difficulties with the on-line payment system. Our apologies for the issue. 

While we encourage you to keep trying, we would like to inform that you have the option to pay the registration on-site at the conference using CASH in Euros or US dollars or the China Yuan.  Please do register in the on-line system and we will use the date of registration (without pay) to determine the amount and honor the early bird rates based on the registration records or emails.  

Sorry for the issue, and we will try our best to make up for your experience with the quality of the conference and local hospitality. 

The payment using Yuan has been working ok except that it has mis-treated the student rates.


Payment deadline



Delegate category

before June 15

after June 15

TIES members

130 €/1000RMB

190 €/1450RMB

China residents

Attending Kuala Lumpur WSC

TIES member students

90 €/700RMB

150 €/1150RMB

Other students

150 €/1150RMB

210 €/1600RMB


230 €/1750RMB

290 €/2200RMB



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